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Shiatsu Massage Chicago

If you’re looking to relax, you should incorporate centuries of wisdom into your practice. Here at The Beauty Cell, our massage therapists are intuitive about what points of your body require relief. Combine our expertise with wisdom from years of alternative medicine and you get Shiatsu Massage Chicago. Experience a journey through your own energies.

shiatsu massage chicago

What is Shiatsu Massage?

This massage is an ancient and holistic healing practice from Japan that is based on the meridian system of energy. It is older than acupuncture, hailing from a time before needles existed!

According to shiatsu, the body is made of energy called qi. Qi can become blocked, causing mental, emotional and physical ailments. In order to unblock qi, the meridian points must realign. The meridian system holds that the body contains 12 meridians: bladder, gall bladder, heart, heart governor, kidney, large intestine, liver, lung, small intestine, spleen, stomach and triple heater.

A Shiatsu massage aims to redistribute qi throughout the body.

This massage incorporates application of pressure to distinct pressure points along the meridians. In Japanese, “shiatsu” means finger pressure. Your massage therapist will use their fingers, but perhaps also their palms, elbows, knees and feet, to gently press your pressure points. In addition, she may stretch, knead, pull and tap parts of your body, like your arms. Japanese people traditionally practice shiatsu on the floor.

Our goal is to redistribute energy throughout the body to restore a sense of balance and bodily integrity.

What are Shiatsu Massage Benefits?

This practice aims to address any blockage in the body, whether it is a psychological pain like depression or a physical pain, such as soreness or inflammation. In this way, this practice can address a wide variety of ailments. The massage aims to bring you back to a sense of wholeness and loving-kindness.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chicago:*

  • Boosts the circulatory system by aiding bloodflow
  • Calms the nervous and immune systems
  • Adds relief to people dealing with diverse disorders, such as IBS, insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia and headaches
  • Decreases stress and depression
  • Loosens stiff muscles in the neck and shoulder
  • Alleviates fatigue and general weakness
  • Helps heal sprains and other bodily injuries
  • Stimulates the skin

What Happens in a Shiatsu Massage Chicago Session?

Our therapists are trained to detect problems before they manifest. Your massage therapist will kindly evaluate you to determine imbalance.She will begin to apply pressure to select points and employ the various manual techniques in order to rebalance qi . If you are feeling low in energy, her goal may be to stimulate, awaken and inspire you. If you have tangled energy as in the case of anxiety, her goal may be to calm and relax you, similar to sedation. At all points in the massage, you should feel comfortable. If you at any time you don’t, please kindly inform your therapist so she can adapt her approach. She is there to help you, not to add to your pain.

I Want to Try This Eastern Alternative Medicine.

We are glad you care about your well-being and are open to new practices. If you have received shiatsu massage before, we welcome you back. At The Beauty Cell, we offer shiatsu massage Chicago as a wholesome, wellness-promoting practice. We want you to live your best life.

*Individual results may vary and we cannot guarantee results.

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