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Hot Stone Deluxe MassageĀ Chicago

Do you want to get an intense, awakening massage? Try hot stones. Their warmth and weight help ground you. At The Beauty Cell, we want you to feel energized, healthy and ready to go. We offer one of our most stimulating massages: hot stone deluxe massage Chicago.

What is a Hot Stone Deluxe Massage Chicago?

In massage therapy, hot stones aid in warming and loosening tight muscles. Hot stones are made of basalt, black volcanic rock that is smoothed down. Native Americans first used hot stones in order to soothe aching muscles. Formalization of hot stones in massage therapy happened more recently, in 1993.

Our therapists are trained to avoid burning you. They provide an optimal temperature whereby you feel comfort without sacrificing the utility of heat. It is essential your therapist is trained to properly hold and administer hot stones. Also, sanitation is important. We follow the strictest health codes in order to ensure we don’t pass bacteria from one hot stone guest to another.

Our hot stone deluxe massage uses smooth hot stones to aid the therapist in penetrating more deeply into muscles. This lends to depth and complexity in your massage experience.

The heat of the stones works to relax muscles. In turn, the therapist has greater access to deeper muscle layers. In a way, heat makes your muscles more malleable. Incorporating this technology into your massage allows the therapist to deliver a more customized, effective massage.

Pamper yourself with this hot stone deluxe massage. You should schedule me-time.

What are Hot Stone Deluxe MassageĀ Chicago Benefits?

You know how a warm bath feels? You just kind of let loose and relax your joints. Well, hot stones perform a very similar function. Heat is the constant, the factor that takes a massage from basic to next-level rejuvenation. If you want a superb massage, this one is for you. The benefits are numerous. This hot stone massage can:

  • Increase circulation and metabolism through heat
  • Ease and soften stiff muscles
  • Relieve tension
  • Create a sedative effect
  • Enhance muscular and joint flexibility
  • Decrease muscle pain and spasms
  • Help you deal with chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Diminish chance of injury

What Happens in a Hot Stone Deluxe Chicago Session?

First, your therapist will begin with Swedish massage. This will help relax and get you into massage mode. Then, she will begin to place hot stones on areas with larger or smaller muscles, using differently sized stones for each area. She may place the stones in the palms of your hands, along your spine or on your belly, depending on your needs. She may also use the stones in her hands to massage you. Most of the time, you will be face down, receiving stones on your back. When stones cool, hot ones will replace them. If at any point you dislike the temperature or placement of the stones, tell your therapist. She will accommodate you.

I Want to Use Hot Stones to Rejuvenate My Spirit.

We hope you enjoy the experience we have to offer. Our therapists love placing hot stones, because people tend to really let go during this massage! At The Beauty Cell, we want you to ease into your own relaxation ritual. Your body should feel more easygoing and mind more tranquil after this specialty massage.

*Individual results may vary and we cannot guarantee results. We cannot recommend this particular massage for everyone. This may include people who are pregnant, have very high blood pressure, use blood thinners, exhibit sensitivity to heat or experience menopausal hot flashes.

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